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We’ve had the pleasure of building a lot of Tommasini Tecnos for happy customers throughout the years, and it’s seems like Tecno season now! Gene’s is the first of several Tecno road and track builds in the queue, and each one is unique and beautiful with it’s little details and build specs.

We are proud to offer Tommasini bikes in our shop. All Tommasini bikes are truly 100% HANDMADE IN ITALY. That doesn’t mean they were built in China and painted in Italy. The entire frame and fork... anything with the Tommasini name on it is made in Italy. The Tecno is their flagship steel model built with Columbus Nemo Nivacrom tubing.Their paint jobs and designs are stunning, the geometry is proper Italian -steady but with responsive handling- and custom tweaks to geometry are built into the price. Of course the component choice is obvious: Campagnolo.

Gene’s Tecno is spec’d out with Campagnolo Chorus 12s and handbuilt wheels of Campy hubs and rims. We love how the build turned out, but don’t just take it from us, here’s what Gene has to say:

When I considered having a bike built and tailored to my needs, there was not a second thought that Mike at Wheelfine Imports Pro Bike Shop would be the professional to apply his expertise to see this task through. From the custom made Tommasini frame, wheels, handlebars and more, he planned and implemented a bike that focused on best fit, comfort and performance. The process required lots of discussion and time and attention to details which was never rushed. Mike's customer service exceeded my expectations and made this an exciting experience; it was evident that he shared a genuine interest in delivering the ultimate custom bike.”



“I took my old bike to Michael (referred by another bike shop) for a restoration. Michael graciously accepted the opportunity.

After disassembling the bike, Michael spend many hours polishing, cleaning, repacking wheel bearings, find close-ended nuts (so I wouldn’t snag myself or clothes), recored bike seat in Naugahyde leather, new handle bars, new pedals, new tires, painting, pin-striping, and finally accessorizing.

My bike is awesome (better than I ever expected). Michael kept as many original bike parts as possible. Michael even found 1984 GMC paint for the perfect paint color. And accessorizing was done in minutes- thanks to Michael’s “treasure trove” of bicycle parts.

With over 30 years perfecting his craft, Wheelfine Imports is the only place to go for parts, knowledge, and exceptional service.”

Thank you,

Debi B.


Zevlin Skin Care for Cyclists

Now in stock, we have the complete line of Zevlin Skin Care Products for Cyclists.

-CRACK  Non-tingle Chamois Cream 8oz

-SUPER CRACK Hint O’tingle Chamois Cream 8oz

-LEG Shaving Cream

-BYOT (Bring Your Own Towel) Post-ride wash

Our testers (one male, one female) have tested the CRACK and SUPER CRACK chamois creams for the past month, and we are so impressed, that it has become our go-to product. We are glad to offer these great, all natural products to our customers. If you have some long rides coming up, come in and grab some.

As events and races resume, BYOT is the product that has us most excited. All you need is  BYOT, a towel, and some privacy and  you can clean yourself up a bit before you head over for that post-ride meal and well deserved beer!


We’ll be closed from Dec 18th through Dec 21st.

We’ll re-open for normal business hours on Dec 22nd and 23rd, and closed Christmas Day.

If you are looking for paint/ restoration work, now is a good time to get in touch and get on the schedule for the winter paint season.